Changing Jobs on TN

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Changing Jobs on TN

Post by ontn » Thu Aug 21, 2014 1:20 am

I am a Canadian citizen, working in the US for 5 years. I started out on TN, switched to H1-B, and then back to TN after my 3 year H1-B expired. Last TN was filed by my company w/ Premium Processing. No steps were taken with respect to the Green Card process.

I am currently working in NY, and would now like to take a TN job in CA. I have a couple of questions related to this.

1) I should have no issue with TN renewal on the basis of to being on TN "too long"? (I think it is nelsona's strong view that there is no such thing. Curious as to why is seems to be a somewhat prevalent concern on the internet more generally).

2) What should be the logistics with respect to moving my personal belongings? Should arrange to have my things shipped to CA upon quitting my current job? I think this could prove a bit of a nightmare in the event something went wrong with my application at the border. Are you allowed to re-enter on your new TN to move all of your belongs? Temporarily moving everything back to Canada would be a bit difficult (and expensive!).

3) What is the right order of doing things with respect to changing jobs? E.g. Once I have my offer, should I quit my current job on the presumption that my new TN application will be successful? Should I go to the border while still employed, change jobs and then inform my company of what I've done? (i.e. quit with no notice). I think I've read that people can hold multiple TN's simultaneously, is/could that related to this question?

4) What are the tax implications of this? Would I technically have to file Canadian taxes because I may have defaulted back to Canadian residency in the between-job period? Is this only an issue if I were to generate income (e.g. investment income) during this interim period? Not a concern at all?

Sorry, there are a lot of questions here. I really appreciate the expertise on this forum.

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