Use of old SSN received as student - Now on TD visa

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Use of old SSN received as student - Now on TD visa

Post by NewCanadian » Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:53 pm

Hello Nelsona,
You replied to my earlier post that I need to get TN visa before I can file I-9. I have a follow up question on it.

My employer cannot proceed for employment offer without SSN. I am on dependent visa but I have earlier while student a SSN with a remark on front page "Valid only with DHS work authorization"

Would there be violation of any law if I use to get a job offer?

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Post by nelsona » Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:25 am

Your potential employer is the one that needs to be shown/convinced that he is wrong.
You have an SSN. Nothing you do now in terms of TN will change that. You will not be issued a new number, and even those who get TN, have thta written on their card. You will do nothing in terms of SSN other than give him the number.

There is no need for an SSN to work -- but you have one, so even that is not an issue. You need DHS authorization to work. There is certainly no need to have DHS authorization for the employer to offer you the job. A job offer is not considered working. Your trip to the border -- with the TN letter that the employer will give you -- will secure your DHS authorization, in the form of an I-94 in TN status with employer as sponsor.

I-9 does not, cannot -- and should not -- be filled out until you are employed. You need your DHS

This is how ALL TNers who moved from canada got hired. They get offer, go to border and get TN, the apply for SSN and -- before even the SSN arrives -- begin work. The SSN arrives and looks exactly like the one you have. In your case you get to skip the SSN paret since you already have one. This makes your case EVEN SIMPLER than most of the sevevel 100,000 Cdns who have gotten TN.

Your employer should be ecstatic.

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