TN Trouble - Chicago O'Hare

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TN Trouble - Chicago O'Hare

Post by sirjohnfranklin » Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:24 pm

Renewing for the sixth time but the first at this location, I had trouble renewing because HSBP officers at O'Hare interpreted the Oct 14th
change to the period of stay as being a maximum 3 year allowed stay, inclusive. They looked at my six year history and tried to say that the limit was 3 years and their perception is no longer of a temporary stay.

While I understand that each renewal is open to full scrutiny, personal interpretation, etc, am I not entitled to unlimited attempts to renew?

These officers used a non US gov't website to argue their case. I find that there is no consistent use of the rules and regulations at different crossings. Sometimes the fee is $50, sometimes $56. Sometimes only cash, sometimes only credit card. Some days university transcripts are sufficient educational proof, other times the actual parchment is required.

After this "bad hair day" at the border, I have removed Chicago O'Hare as a future renewal site and I am still worried that my TN days are over, twelve months from now.

Will I be able to renew again in 12 months? What's the correct interpretation?

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Post by nelsona » Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:29 am

So, you only asked for a year/ Too bad. Now you will have to go thru this again next year.

TN is unlimited in its renewals.

I-94s are $56 dollars at the POE, but only $50 at airports (the I-94 fee is built into your ticket).

Obviously applying for a TN at a US airport is frought with the probablity that the officer has never had to issue one, as ORD would only see a TNer coming from Overseas.

... and CBP officers are a-holes in general.
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