CPP, OAS, and US SC eligibility

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CPP, OAS, and US SC eligibility

Post by jasna111 » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:18 pm


My situation is a bit unique, so I am getting confused with the eligibility rules for these benefits. I am still far away from retirement, but I might have to move back to Europe in few years, so I am trying to see what my eligibility is once I hit the retirement age and plan accordingly. Here is the info:
- I am naturalized Canadian citizen, I was living in Canada (Ontario) 2001 to 2010, worked all those years except 2001.
- Moved to US in 2010, continued working remotely for Canadian company until (including) 2014. My residency is in US since 2010.
- Worked in US since 2011 until now (so for 4 years I had income in both countries), and I plan to work next year too (so I will have 40 SS credits). I plan on taking US citizenship.

Based on citizenships, years of residency in US and Canada, not being in either of this countries once I retire, agreements in between US and Canada, what I will be eligible for? I assume US SS and CPP, but do I have any rights for Canadian OAS?
And once I start receiving these benefits, where do I report my taxes?

Thank you.

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Re: CPP, OAS, and US SC eligibility

Post by nelsona » Mon Jul 22, 2019 8:11 pm

You will receive some SS, some CPP and some OAS, and it will be paid to you wherever you live.
How it is taxed will depend on the treaties between US, Canada and the country you live in.
Check back when your plans are more concrete.
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