tips on best unreg investment practice for dual citiz

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tips on best unreg investment practice for dual citiz

Post by tdiddy » Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:32 pm

hi everyone, two physician household trying to sort out new corporate tax policies

our situation is one CCPC held by Cdn citizen with US/Cdn citizen as employee. Previously USD/CDN drawing only 140K for living expenses and RRSP room/contributions. With new changes proposed will now for tax efficiency need to draw 200K to USD/Cdn and invest about 50K/year in un-reg account.

Trying to keep my US filing as simple as possible.

I know to avoid mutual funds. Not using TFSA (should I rethink this?).
Are ETFs ok? What about Canadian swap based ETFs? Perhaps this account would be a good spot for US held ETFs (I guess this would make Canadian filing harder with exchange rate issues etc)

Is records for Norbert's gambit in unreg a disaster in this situation?

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