Canadian TN Holder moving to the US

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Canadian TN Holder moving to the US

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Good afternoon all.

I was recommended to post on this site so thank you in advance for any information.

I intend to move to the US (Michigan) from Canada and I am currently a TN holder (Canadian citizen working for a US employer - I used to commute daily but ever since Covid I commute approximately once a week). I spoke to a US customs officer a few weeks ago and told him that I intend to move to Michigan so I am closer to work and asked whether I would have to fill out any documents regarding my personal belongings (including my computer, car, etc) and he told me that no paperwork is required (I would be driving over with my vehicle which would have my personal belongings and I might have to make 2 trips for this). When researching this a few months ago via google, I thought I read somewhere that a form is needed to account for personal belongings (which itemizes what personal belongings I am bringing)? I was going to bring this up with the officer but didn't want to cause myself any headaches if he took my questions the wrong away.

So can someone possibly clear this up (and documentation needed for my personal belongings and Canadian vehicle)? Also, any other pointers would be greatly appreciated (car insurance, health card changes, when to report my address change to the USCIS, suggestions for TFSA / RRSP, etc).

I do appreciate any information especially the must do's / dont's and wanted to thank you once again in advance.
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Re: Canadian TN Holder moving to the US

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We just moved to Texas from Sask on L1/L2 visas. My husband drove our vehicle across with property. We had a customs form filled out that detailed all our items. They barely looked at it but better safe than sorry. We also sourced a vehicle compliance doc from Ford to prove our truck was able to be driven in the states.
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