Business Tax Question American moving to Canada *web design

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Business Tax Question American moving to Canada *web design

Post by treelifedesigns »

Hey Guys,

Here is my situation. My wife is Canadian and I am American and we are moving to Canada. She is going to sponsor me as a Permanent Resident and that is all taken care of. My main concern is with my business.

I am the owner of a web design company in America and it is setup as an LLC. I get clients from all over the world and make a nice little living on what I do. Living in Canada do I pay Canadian taxes or American taxes on my profits . I imagine I won't be double taxed, but how do I handle it.

Do i need to do any paperwork or registering my business in Canada or can I do business as usual and keep filing my american taxes for my business, since I am just living in canada?

Let me know if you need any more information

Thanks in advance, Nate
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Post by lindashoff01 »

Clients will also, hire a tax accountant to represent them and should they come, under the investigation of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The accountant will act on his client’s behalf and deals with the IRS agents, during an audit or will fight off any claims against the client made by the IRS. He will also, represent the client in tax disputes and will make tax refund claims, if any, for his client.
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Re: Business Tax Question American moving to Canada *web design

Post by Veda44 »

The first thing that you need to do is ask your wife if she can sponsor him. It is not easy to get permanent residency in Canada, especially if you are an American. If she has the money and ability, then it would be better for her to sponsor you. Visit [url= ... /japanese/] ... /japanese/[/url] source to get premium templates for free. But you also have to consider that if she does not have enough money, then it will be difficult for them to live in Canada.
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