TN Renewal Season WELP

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TN Renewal Season WELP

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Hi all,

I feel grateful for have found this forum when I first applied for my TN visa, it helped me stay confident during the interview. My TN visa expires the end of this year (Dec 2015), and my employer has no desire to terminate me. He wants me to secure a renewal as soon as possible. With that serving as the background here are a few of my questions.

1. How early can I renew my TN visa? I asked a border officer once and he said as early as you like, I'm just making sure.
2. If my employer wants to renew my visa for the maximum duration (3 years), and say I go to the border and renew in June, will the new expiry be 3 years from the date I apply (June 2018) or will it be 3 years from the visa's original expiry date (Dec 2018)
3. Lastly but most importantly: The job is Atlanta, but I plan to return to Vancouver and apply at Peach Arch or the Truck Crossing. Do I have to cross the border with a work related purpose (ie. can I cross the border with the purpose of only securing the visa)???[b] I have received/seen mixed responses with this so any clarification with be very helpful.[/b] I do this because the last thing I want to be stuck in Canada on the day I am supposed to fly back to Atlanta (flights on this route are few and far in between)

Since I will probably be applying at once of the BC/WA borders, any recommendations would be very much appreciated. Cheers.
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