Ramifications of Renouncing Citizenship

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Ramifications of Renouncing Citizenship

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What are the ramifications of renouncing U.S. citizenship?

For example, will a person who renounces be barred from ever re-entering the U.S.?
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Re: Ramifications of Renouncing Citizenship

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Re: Ramifications of Renouncing Citizenship

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Exceptions are possible, and you may sometimes be able to appear in person at a US Embassy to collect your benefits. Renouncing also means you will lose the right to vote in US elections. Expatriates aren't protected by the US government when they are abroad, and they can no longer freely live and work in the US.

Hope it helps.

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Re: Ramifications of Renouncing Citizenship

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My wife and my son both renounced their US citizenship a few years ago.

The main benefit is that they no longer have to file tax returns with the IRS.

They still go to the US whenever they want, as tourists using their Canadian passports.
My wife will still get her Social Security pension benefits.
She will still get her 401(k) benefits.
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