TN Visa for ARNP (Nurse Practitioner)

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TN Visa for ARNP (Nurse Practitioner)

Post by tkuhk87 »

Just shooting a question by you guys - currently in USA on TN-1 as an RN. Am I able to use the TN-1 Visa once I am finished my Masters for my NP to work as an NP (Advanced Practice RN)?

I'm hearing conflicting things on this. A Nurse Practitioner is just an advanced practice RN w/ a Masters degree. If I'm allowed to work as an RN on a TN-1 should I not then be able to obtain TN-1 status as an NP?

Appreciate any information. This forum is great!
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Post by nelsona »

Advanced registered Nurses are classified primarily under the RN classification under the Dept of labor guidlines, which the CBP typically uses for determining if your job falls under a particular NAFTA category.

Thus, you should be able to get a TN for a NP job, under the RN classification. Your employer would simply describe your job details and an APRN, and request an RN category TN.

If your question then becomes whether -- for the same employer -- you would need a new TN after you switch jobs? The answer is *probably* yes, if your salary and job description are changing substantailly. You would need a new TN for a new employer, of course.
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Re: TN Visa for ARNP (Nurse Practitioner)

Post by Justinstaff »

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