Tax implications on Working in US for Canadian company

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Tax implications on Working in US for Canadian company

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I moved from Canada to the US in June. I have a L2 visa, my spouse has the L1 visa. I have not worked or received any form of income since the move.
I have an opportunity to work for my past Canadian employer while I am living in the US. My income will be in Canadian dollars and deposited to a Canadian bank account.
I am hoping that this arrangement will be set up where I am a sub-contractor working on contract, responsible for paying my own taxes. Under this arrangement I believe that due to the time I have lived in the US, over 183 days, that I will need to file and pay US taxes. As the income is derived from a Canadian source will I also be required to file and pay Canadian taxes?

If my employer does not want to go the sub-contractor route and puts me on Canadian payroll, where all deductions, including income tax, are taken at source, what are the tax implications to me then and what would I need to do?
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Re: Tax implications on Working in US for Canadian company

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