L2 I-765/EAD questions

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L2 I-765/EAD questions

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I'm planning to move to the US (California) for a new job on an L1B visa with my spouse on L2. I have a few questions:

1) Should my employer be able to apply for L1/L2 together or does it have to be L1 followed by L2?
2) Once the L2 is received, must she physically be in the US to apply for I-765/EAD? Or could she apply from a US embassy in Canada?
3) My understanding is that current I-765 applications are taking a very long time to process (may be over a year). My spouse wishes to continue to work for her Canadian firm long-term but obviously she cannot do so from the US until she has the approved EAD. Would it be possible for her to come back to Canada to work while the I-765/EAD is being processed?

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Re: L2 I-765/EAD questions

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Ask this at the L forum on immigration.com
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