TN Visa - Management Consultant and Position Title

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TN Visa - Management Consultant and Position Title

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Hi there, my wife and I will be moving to the US this year. I've had a TN visa in the past and will be getting another with the same employer and similar role (I am an actual management consultant). My wife has a title of "Solutions Engineer" but is not an actual registered engineer nor does she have any engineering degrees, but actually satisfies the roles and responsibilities of a management consultant under TN. My concern is that the CBP officer will fixate on her title and she would not qualify as an engineer, and that the MC designation as I understand is overly abused even though she does meet requirements. Does anyone have experience with this? Can you be a TN MC with an unrelated position title? Does "engineer" in the title automatically lead CBP to evaluate them only as an engineer?
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Re: TN Visa - Management Consultant and Position Title

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ask this on forum, if you haven't already
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