US Tax Return - US Citizen at age 27, 2010; Moved to US

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US Tax Return - US Citizen at age 27, 2010; Moved to US

Post by americancanadian » Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:26 pm

Hello, I have an unusual tax situation; ill go over it in a timeline:

Date of birth (1982) - Jan 1 2010
Canadian citizen, living in Canada (no US citizen claims)

Jan 1 - Mar 31 2010:
Work for university in Canada, earned $15000, file Canadian taxes

Mid April 2010:
Apply for & receive US citizenship by birth (US mother), get US passport

June 9 2010:
Move to USA (ann arbor, MI) as a US citizen

June 15 - Dec 31 2010:
Work for GM in Michigan

My question is how should I file?
A US citizen and no foreign income, who moved here June 9 ?
A US citizen with foreign income?
A dual status citizen, who can claim the personal deduction ($5700) ?
A dual status alien, who cannot claim the personal deduction ($5700) ?

The issue is that i was not a US citizen who had foreign income as I was not a US citizen at the time, nor was I a dual status alien as I moved to the US as a US citizen.

I have done a lot of reading on the IRS websites/publications the internet, but have not found anything that discusses my situation.

If I dont learn anything soon, Im just going to take a guess and see what happens :-) Thanks for your help,

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