Canadian contract to US agency -remote with US client visits

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Canadian contract to US agency -remote with US client visits

Post by blwatt » Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:30 pm

Hi - not sure what all relates so here's the deal:
I'm a Canadian living in Canada. I worked 28 years for a Canadian subsidiary of a large US firm. The plant I worked in closed in 2008. I was kept on Canadian payroll working from home for 2 years consulting for the US firm plants. I have an L1B for travel in the US - travel has been < 90 days per year.
End of 2010 I get terminated with 2 years continuance - full salary, benefits, cpp etc as if still working - but effectively severed. After that I start my pension.
The US firm wants to contract me back through a US hiring agency to continue working remotely with visits to the plants - basically same as last 2 yrs. I would be paid an hourly rate and expenses by the agency. I would work under the direction of the US firms engineers, essentially as a consultant. There may also be some overseas work for the US firm's clients.

Will I need a work visa for visits to the client US plants?
What kind?
Agency I will be working for will sponsor - time frame is < 3 years.
I have a background in Electronics technology and current title is Associate Techologist. 1 year university (BSc) and 3 years college (Electronics Engineering Technology) - short one credit for diploma - i.e. no diploma.

Do I have to file US taxes?
As I will be on continuance for 2 years I assume I would just claim extra income on Canadian taxes (CPP and EI already maxed by continuance).

Do I need to do anything to be considered a contractor by the US and self-employed in Canada/US?

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Post by nelsona » Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:04 pm

you would probably get a TN as a Management consultant. Your quals would not be in question.

If you keep living in canada, you may be able to enter as a simple B1 business visitor.
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Post by blwatt » Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:44 pm

Thanks for the info nelsona.

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