Non Resident Tax Question

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Non Resident Tax Question

Post by Peonies1022 »

Hi to anyone who answers this,

I've been in the US since 2013 but in 2016 I gave up my drivers license, health care and I also married my American boyfriend and now we are saving for my green card and so my accountant declared me as a non resident as of 2016, this past month, I received a letter from CRA, they were very polite and just stating that I didn't do my 2018 taxes and if I want to get my benefits, it would be great for me to do so.

This is all new to me, I have never stayed away from Canada and this is my first time being a non resident -- I'm a little confused to the whole situation though because when I told my accountant he basically said to send a letter to CRA to let them know that I was still in the US and he said they will contact you should they need you. I then contact another accountant to get a 2nd opinion and he said that I need to amend my 2016 taxes and include my date of departure and ask for a departure tax?. Now I don't want to create any red flags but I do want to do it right thing at the same time.

Because I'm not sure what month it was (which I believe it was February) does CRA verify with customs on the exact date, how does that work?

Thank you for your response, it is much appreciated
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Re: Non Resident Tax Question

Post by nelsona »

Please ask this on the tax forurm side, and I will attempt to answer
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