Sponsoring parents after citizenship.

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Sponsoring parents after citizenship.

Post by DG001 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:10 am

Hi all,

One of my siblings just got his US citizenship. All three of us are here in the US, so we are thinking that he (bro) can sponsor my parents for a greencard, so they can come stay with us here, at least part of the time.

Why, you ask? Long story - after we all moved away, my parents sold their house in Ontario and indulged in their desire to "see the world" - my Dad has since worked contract in three different countries... I know they can "retire" to a milder part of Canada and just come visit us, but we would really like them here (and they want it too). Part of the reason, also, is the lower taxes here even after retirement.

In any case, I was hoping for advice. Specifically:

- Would my parents still be able to come visit us here once my bro files the paperwork? Or will they be stopped due to "immigrant intent"?
- How long do you think it would take? Its not as if they come to visit us every year...
- If we file while they are here in the US, how long before work permit and Advance paroles come in? (They will probably live in NH)

Okay, here's the Off Topic part:
- Would my parents be eligible for medicare? Dad is 67, and Mom still has a couple of years to go to reach 65. But they have never previously lived here.
(And yes, I do know Canadian health care won't apply - they have been out of the country for a while now)
- My Dad has never collected CPP - but would he be eligible if he lived here (he is eligible otherwise)?


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Post by nelsona » Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:41 am

parents of US citizens are considered Immediate relatives (not subject to any quota or priority date) so could apply 'immediately'. They can apply either for I-130 and consular approval, or, if they are in US, by I-130/I-485.

There may be a short period where they would have to remain either in or out of the country, depending.

it takes 3 months for initial EAD and AP.

They would NOT be eligible for 'free' medicare. They might be able to 'buy in' to it, but I believe they would still have needed some SS credits to do this. SSA would be able to tell you this.

They can both collect CPP and OAS while in US. The OAS would be based on the number of adult years they lived in Canada divided by 40.
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