I -130 timeline

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I -130 timeline

Post by dhirenasha » Sat Dec 08, 2007 10:54 am


Timing is everything and therefore the following question.

Wife (green card holder) has applied for a I-130 petition after we got married with the priority date of May 2003. Right now in the month of Dec 2007 they are processcing applications from Jan 2003.

Can somebody enlighten me what would be the next steps and what time line until getting and interview in Montreal. I realize speculating would be a hard job but say for calculation purposes US immigration would be processing May 2003 files in April 2007.

I hope I m making my self clear....

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Post by nelsona » Sat Dec 08, 2007 3:59 pm

As you are noticing, GC holders are not favoured in terms of sponsoring their spouses. I don't know what status you are here on now, but if it is TN, be warned that the I-130 can be used against you getting future TN's since it can be construed as immig intent.

in any event, in terms of the progress of your case, it is quite likely that your spouse will become a US citizen before your Priority date become current, so at that time she can apply for you to get GC almost instantly, no quota, no priority date.

If for some reason she does not want to get her citizenship, then you wait.... looking at the monthly visa bulletin ebb and flow until your month gets close.

At some pint, you will receive a 'Packet' which you will fill out, etc and get an appointment,... there are lots of websites that deal with marriage GCs, like visajourney.com
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