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Welcome to the immigration forum. I am happy to see all of the activity on the forum already and wanted to introduce myself, as Mr. Serbinski has kindly asked me to moderate the forum, and I will be giving input on threads. I have been an immigration attorney in Buffalo, NY for the past 18 years and was an immigration officer for INS prior to that. Basic information on employment-based nonimmigrant (http://www.usvisahelp.com/empbased.html) and immigrant (http://www.usvisahelp.com/permresid.html) visa categories is available my web site, as well as some in depth articles on immigration issues that frequently come up (http://www.usvisahelp.com/listofarticles.html).

While I cannot guarantee the accuracy of posts by every user, please bring to my attention any posts that you believe are inaccurate or inappropriate. Mr. Serbinski and I hope to make this forum a good source of discussion and accurate, shared information.