L1B - What next?

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L1B - What next?

Post by Joshm73 » Sat Jan 13, 2007 1:58 pm

I have been woring in the US on an L1B for 1.5yrs now. I am beginning to wonder what options I have -- both in progressing my career and potentially wanting to stay in the US for a longer time.

1st Question: My employer is talking to me about a promotion. Is this a good time to start talking to them about getting a Green Card? Is there a downside to having this discussion with them?

2nd Question: I have had a number of recruiter calls from other companies and I feel pretty confident about my ability to get a better paying job elsewhere. Since my L1 attaches me to the company I currently work for, how hard is it to get a Visa for another company? Am I at a disadvantage to friends working on a TN or an H1? I don't think I could be eligible for a TN with my line of work. I have not interviewed with any other company because I like my current employer and because I didn't think other companies could hire me given the L1.

Thanks in advance for any help people can provide!

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Post by Webtiger » Sat Jan 13, 2007 11:28 pm

If you wish to stay in the US you should truly investigate your options with your current employer and potential employers.
You would be by far best served to have your own immigration lawyer, like Jim Eiss, to aid you in making the best choice/deal for you.
if you're employer is taking about promotion you should be making immigration matters part of the offer. Do they expect you to be here in L1 status forever? What's in it for them by keeping you at arm's length?

If you have had interest from other potential employers you should talk with them. The only way you'll know who's serious and who's just fishing is to sit down with them and say "I need an H1B and a commitiment from you to file for a GC within x months or years of my start date.
You'd be amazed how many "would be suitors" stop calling as soon as you put some terms out there. Besides, you only want to deal with potential employers who are willing to meet some or all of your terms correct?

Of course, I'm assuming:
1. You want to stay in the US for xx years and pursue at least a GC
2. You qualify for an H1B in your current/future position

YMMV depending upon employer
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