L1 visa transfers

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L1 visa transfers

Post by sedona »

I have been in the US on L1 for 1.5 years. Two years ago company (A) that I used to work for was split into two (say company A and Company B). I got the L1 via Company B. Now Company A wants me to join them and I am still eligible from L1 requirement point of view (must have worked 1 year with the company abroad in the last three years etc...).

Now the questions :
If Company A applies for a new L1 for me - is it possible my initial L1 (via Company B) would be impacted if the new application is denied?
In the case of the new L1 gets denied - from a visa point of view - is it better to go with Company A (with TN) or stay with Company B(on L1)? Company A is willing to apply for Perm Residence if I decide to at any time in the future.
What are the possible major reasons the new L1 could get denied?
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Re: L1 visa transfers

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