Canadian bank account, address

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Canadian bank account, address

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I moved out of Canada over a year ago, but have maintained ties in Canada. Among others, I have property there, with a mailing address. Nonetheless, at this point my primary residence is no longer in Canada (for tax purposes).

I still use my Canadian bank account, and need it actually. I realize it's legitimate to have a bank account even if your primary residence is no longer in the country. However, I've been procrastinating telling my bank about this. ... admittedly I'm afraid they'll make a fuss and reduce my line of credit to zero, or remove the Visa card that goes with the account.

Does anyone have any experience in how banks deal with this? (I'm with Scotia). Do they go ballistic? I'm a freelancer, receiving deposits into the account from my Canadian clients as before. So I need the account.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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This is no problem. On fact, even without the business need, anyone leaving Canada even with minor Cdn financial needs like going there on vacation should keep both a Cdn bank account and a credit card. Just give them your new mailing address. Spouse an I have had both after leaving Canada 17 years ago.

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