How to turn in TN visa when in Canada

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How to turn in TN visa when in Canada

Post by marie999 »

I've been working on a TN visa for a few years but also working from Canada online to my employer. They gave me notice to end job today but I'm presently in Canada.

How do I turn in my visa?

I know that if I was leaving the US I could give the Visa to Canadian Immigration but not sure what to do in this circumstance.

Can I drive to the border to the US Immigration and tell them the job has ended or is there a better way such as a US Consulate in Canada? There is only a month or so left on the Visa but I know I can't just let it run out without potential problems.

Thank you.
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Post by nelsona »

There is a place to mail an I-94 to prove you left.

Look at the USCIS website. ... ve-my-i-94

No need to go to border.
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