Renewing Canadian Passport fees question

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Renewing Canadian Passport fees question

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My Passport is expired and I'd like to renew it. However the passport fees were raised significantly. I remember paying $85 or $95 last time. Now they charge $260 for 10 year passport if applying from US, but $160 when applying from Canada. I inspected the application form and they say:
Where the application is made
in Canada
and the passport is to
be delivered in Canada:
5-year validity – Can$120*
10-year validity – Can$160

Can I give Canadian mailing address (and current address in US) and pay $160 instead of $260? Mailing address for passport applications is the same for US and Canada applications.
Even with $160 fee Canadian Passport takes the crown of being most expensive passport out of 5 passports I have. This is insane!

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