H4 dependent college student work permit for intern purpose

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H4 dependent college student work permit for intern purpose

Post by czilin »

Hi there,

This is urgent: I need advice regarding how H4 dependent college student can obtain EAD for intern purpose.

Here is a summary of our current status:
1) I am in H1B
2) My son is in H4 and he just enrolled in UW seattle this September
3) My GC process is in I-140 stage (approval notice on the way)
4) We are all Canadian citizens

I know my wife can apply for EAD once I-140 approval notice is received, but my son cannot.

My son plans to major in STEM and is eager to start intern asap (if not summer 2016, then at least summer 2017), since his classmates are already submitting intern applications (but he cannot due to H4 status).

I was born in China, so I am not sure how many months or years I need to wait before we are able to submit I-485.

What I want to clarify is: if we are lucky to be able to submit I-485 in the next year or so, will my son be able to apply for I-485 based EAD together with the I-485 application? If yes, normally how long will it take to be approved?

And what other options does my son have in order to get work permit for intern purpose? Please shed some lights here, since he is very depressed right now – he already created profiles to apply for transferring back to Canadian universities – he was the main reason we moved south, but he is now the most disappointed in the family.

Thanks for helping!
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Post by nelsona »

he really needs to be obtaining his own status at this point, as an F1 student. He is not eligible for EAD until you file for AOS, so he is not eligible for intern job.
Once he is eligible to apply for AOS, the EAD willcome in a matter of weeks.
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