Health insurance and residency

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Health insurance and residency

Post by EllenThomas »

We are Canadian residents (one dual citizen and one American citizen). We plan to move to the US. We both have Medicare Part A and B. We are carefully considering the change of residency date because we own a Canadian corporation that is being wound down.

To purchase Medicare Supplement and Part D Insurance we need to be 'resident' in the state. We own a home in the states and could use that address. If we purchase health insurance, will this trigger 'residency' in the eyes of CRA?
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Post by nelsona »

No, it would not. You would still not have sufficnetly broken Cdn ties to be considered non-resident, which will occur when you PHYSICALLY move to US.

Of course, as US taxpayers, this winddown will already be problemetic due to the difference in how IRS and CRA tax the wind-down, but that is another story (best left for the tax forum).
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