Retiring to Canada

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Retiring to Canada

Post by Pete115 »

I am a dual citizen (natural born Canadian, naturalized American). I work as a police officer in the United States. No state taxes are charged on public pensions where I am (Illinois). I hope to retire back to Canada after my career is completed here. Does anyone have any idea how I might be taxed in Ontario, provincial and federal, with the tax treaty in place? I can't seem to get clarification on whether the exceptions for public pensions translate in the treaty (younger retirement, non social-security, etc). Any insight into this would be appreciated!
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Post by nelsona »

Since your pension is (and will continue to be) taxable at the US federal level), it will also be taxed in Canada, at your marginal rate, with credit given for the IRS tax you pay.

By moving to canada, your pension would not be taxed in any state anyways.
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