US Citizen marrying a Canadian Citizen- options

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US Citizen marrying a Canadian Citizen- options

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I am a US citizen engaged to a Canadian and we both have homes in our respective countries (1 hr apart). He is retired; I work full time in the US. What are my options regarding dual residency or permanent residency in Canada, and impact on health care, pension, taxes, etc. We don't know what the rules are and what advantages/disadvantages there are to various scenarios (live in US, live in Canada, live in both). Appreciate any guidance you can provide.
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Re: US Citizen marrying a Canadian Citizen- options

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You can most probably be sponsored for permanent residence in Canada. It would then be easier for you to enter Canada (and of course you can live in Caanada if you wish). There are residency rqeuirements in order to keep your Canadian permanent resident status, however if you live with a Canadian citizen anywhere in the world you are deemed to be complying with the residency requirements, so one oprion is for him to sponsor you and spend up to 6 months a year with you in the US. In this situation the impact on health care, pension, taxes etc. is probably the least possible (although your spouse would be well advised to have health care in the US). This is a complicated scenario - you may want to consult professionala in the US and Canada to understand it better!
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