Import Car from US to Canada - Port of Entry and Tax

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Import Car from US to Canada - Port of Entry and Tax

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I am planning to move to Alberta Canada permanently and will bring my car with me. The province only has 5% GST. If I choose to cross at border in BC, are they going to tax my car based on BC's tax rate? BC has 5% GST + 7% PST while Alberta only has 5% GST. My question is: is the tax on imported car based on the where you cross the boarder? or your destination/residency.

I had a chance to ask someone at Canadian Boarder in BC and she wasn't clear but assumed that there will also be 7% PST collected when I import at their port of entry (she sounded not very confident about the answer). If this is the case, does that mean I have to cross at port of entries in Alberta only to save 7%? That's a lot of tax money tbh.

Anyone has expeirence here? Thanks in advance.

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