US Cit with work permit doing consulting for US company

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US Cit with work permit doing consulting for US company

Post by mackayr » Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:42 pm

Here's a scenario:

- US citizen
- Resident of Canada (for tax purposes)
- In Canada on a work permit that prohibits work outside of a particular entity (ie. the work permit explicitly states that he's not allowed to work anywhere else or conduct other business activities)


Would this individual be permitted to perform consulting services for a US company? From a tax perspective, the consulting "business" would be located in Canada since virtually all of the work would be performed here. The fact that his client is in the US is irrelevant from a tax perspective.

I fully expect that if the services were to be performed for a Canadian company, he would be in breach of the conditions, but I'm not familiar enough with immigration law to determine if he'd be permitted to perform those services for a US company.

Any insights would be appreciated.

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