My NOC code ???

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My NOC code ???

Post by hgd7833 » Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:24 pm

I am planning to apply for immigration to Canada, but I have ONLY one question that I couldn't get it's answer even though I did read your tutorial and asked a lot of experts.
I would be grateful if you could ( please ) answer this question to me.
I am a PhD student at Western Michigan University in my fourth year (last year ), and I have experience 3 years in teaching as a part time in our department, teaching courses for 1st year undergraduate students, and offer lectures and grades as a sole instructor ( Exactly as professors do ). I also have a 2 years experience in teaching as a lecturer ( Instructor) at the university leading level in two leading universities in middle east, and I taught undergraduate courses in these universities. So, as you see that my experience fits as the NOC code 4121 , and I have exactly the same duties of this category as mentioned in your tutorial, except that in the employment requirement, I don't have a PhD yet, and in this category, PhD certificate is required, and I will get my PhD degree within one year, and so when I enter Canada to work, I will occupy the position of a university professor, not College and Vocational instructors, and my experience fits more as university professor than College and Vo. instructors, and I will also earn the PhD degree before landing to work in Canada, so what is my code now, is it 4121 or 4131 ???

I am sorry for the long message but I couldn't find a definite answer. Somebody told me that I should be 4121 as I don't have the PhD degree yet, but others told me that your experience fits 4121 more, and when you work in Canada you will work under this category. Which one is right now ???

I hope to hear from you, and I am very grateful for that

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