financial statement

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financial statement

Post by hgd7833 » Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:09 pm

Hi. I would like to apply for immigration to Canada.
I am living currently in US, and I am keeping all my money in my wife's account in my home country. Is it fine to present the financial statement in her
name , or the account should be in my name ? Or joint ?
I have asked two offices , and one of them told me that financial statement
for wife's balance should be fine, but the other one said that the account should be mine, or at least a joint account for me and her, but cannot be her account, especially that I will be the principal applicant.
Which one of them is right ?
Also, when I am supposed to present this document, as the first one told me that it should be submitted together with other documents when my application get pre-approved, and should be submitted within 120 days, but the other office said that the financial statement can be postponed until I got the approval and they will ask me then to present a financial statement or an arranged employment, but not presenting it within the 120 does not matter at all.
Again, which one of them is right here ?
Thanks for your help

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