Importing Canadian car from US to Canada

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Importing Canadian car from US to Canada

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No question here. Just some information for those that may be in the same situation as me.

I transferred to the US on an L1-B Visa in May 2007. I owned my Canadian vehicle and imported it into the US since I planned on staying more than 1 year. Once my visa was set to expire, I made the decision not to renew and return to Canada.

So, importing your Canadian car back into Canada from the US.

1) Fax your US title to border crossing office where you are crossing at least 72 hours before you plan to cross. Check the website to find your border crossing and then call for the fax number on where to send it to.

2) Once you are at the US border, they will ask for the original title and verify that they have your fax on file. Once stamped, and then inspected by the border guard at the vehicle, then you are clear to cross. If they don't have the title on file, they mark it received at the time you give them a copy, and then you have to wait 3 days to cross (happened to a guy in line when I was there)

3) At the Canada border, you indicate you are importing your Canadian car. They ask for the value and send you inside. I completed the Personal Effects Accounting document (PEAD) in advance, and also had a copy of the original bill of sale with me to prove I purchased the car in Canada. I was able to import duty free and without any other additional fees at the border. I had to complete a Form-1 and have it stamped with my PEAD.

4) I own a BMW, and had the instrument panel changed to miles to go into the US. So I had it changed back to km once I was back in Canada. My car required an emmissions test since it had not been done in 2 years, but I believe one is required if the vehicle is outside of Canada for more than a year. You also need a safety check done on the vehicle. My insurance company did not think this was needed since I purchased in Canada, but once at MTO, they said if the vehicle was gone for more than a year, it is required. Safety check was done at Canadian Tire and cost $79.95 (Nov. '09) plus the costs for any repairs/upgrades that are needed. You can shop the repairs around, but if you don't bring the car back to the same inspector within 10 days, then you have to pay again. I had them do the minor repairs (replace a light bulb, and align a headlight).

5) At MTO, they needed, US title, Canada driver's License (photo ID also if you only have a temporary license, which I did at the time), proof of Canadian insurance, stamped Form-1 document issued at the border, stamped PAED, completed emmisions and safety check documents.

I was able to get this done within the 30-days that the Province of Ontario indicates should be done in. Make sure you do have everything when you go to MTO or they will send you away. I didn't realize the safety check was needed, and then when I returned, I didn't have the PEAD and so I had to go back again. It was a long day but I managed to get it all done.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post.

Good luck.
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Could someone advise?

My boss is from New York. He is Canadian worked in US and returned for a Canadian job. I think he just drove his vehicle across from US, and it still has a US licence plate and all. What can he do now to register his vehicle with Ontario licence plate? Can he rectify his situation from within Canada? Obviously he would not have obtained Form 1?
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he need so both EXPORT the car from US and import it to canada.

He needs to contqct CBP and should look at

Do you get your boss's coffee, too?
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Re: Importing Canadian car from US to Canada

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