Become Permanent Resident from visitor

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Become Permanent Resident from visitor

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Hi there,
I was an international student in Canada since the age of 10, and my aunt who is a citizen has been my legal guardian since then until I became an adult (I am now 23).
Over a year ago, I returned to my home country before finishing post-secondary education and now I am back in Canada as visitor taking individual courses in school.
I would really like to go back on full-time AND work a student job like everybody else.
My plan after graduation is to work and settle here too.

So my questions are, other than filling out application forms, med & criminal checks..
Exactly what requirements do I need to get PR?
What do their decisions depend on?
Or what supporting documents can I add to my application?
What are the odds of PR granted to visitors?

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. THank you!
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