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ASAP Sponsorship Help

Post by kathie » Tue Apr 07, 2009 4:28 pm

My brother who is Canadian, moved back to our motherland.
He married a woman there and they have a child together (1 year old)

My brother and his wife wanted to move to Canada so he sponsored her.

He was approved as her sponsor but now their union has broken up!

My brother has left his wife (marriage broke up) although he does support their daughter.

My parents are willing to pay his wife's plane ticket to come to Canada and have her live with them. She can have a much better life here than where she is currently living.

She may be coming to Canada in May with the baby. This is when my dad who is visiting overseas returns to Canada and it would be ideal if they could come back on the same flight. My brother does authorize his wife to leave the country and move to Canada with the baby. He is getting a letter from a notary so she has proof to show at the airport on her departure.

Can my parents take over her sponsorship? the baby is in the process of becoming a Canadian Citizen by birth to a Canadian parent. Does she need a Canadian passport to travel?

Once in Canada, is my sister-in-law eligible to apply for a GST cheque, Child Tax Credit etc ?
She will not be receiving welfare and after upgrading her English skills does plan on working. She has to, it is not an option for her not to. Back home she was a Practical Nurse and also worked at an orphanage.

This seems sort of like a tricky situation to me since her sponsor is not moving back to Canada with her.

I guess mostly I need to know, can my aging parents sponsor her now and how do they take over her application?

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