Sponsoring a spouse?

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Sponsoring a spouse?

Post by MasterChief »

I am going abroad to get married. It is an 'arranged marriage' more or less. Meaning I have not known the woman very long.

I am a permanent resident of Canada, will be a citizen within 8 months. I am also joining college soon, so will have no real income for a while (unless I take a break).

Thing is I read that you cannot sponsor anyone if you were on Governmental assistance. I was on assistance about a year ago. But not for the last year.

Is there anyway I can sponsor my soon to be wife? Or will it be very hard or not allowed?
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Post by dhirenasha »

Well, congratulations on your arranged marraige. Trust me you would be fine. It sounds old fashioned but if the spouse is right you would be fine.

Coming back to your point, if you want sponsor anyone you should be having some sort of income. Go to the cic.gc.ca site as it has the dollar amount min required for sponsoring anyone in Canada. If you cannot meet the min requirements, try to find someone who you trust (parents, friends etc) who would like to co-sponsor the application. That would make your job easy...
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There is no specific amount of income required in your case, unless you are moving to Quebec. You do have to show you can manage financially.

Also, if you are not on Social assisstance at present, that is not a barrier.
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