outside of canada PR app while in canada on a work visa

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outside of canada PR app while in canada on a work visa

Post by Rowan » Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:04 am

I read in an ooooollllllllldddddd topic that you can submit an app for PR " outside of Canada" while being in Canada..

I just want to verify that this is accurate.

my husband is currently in the USA but has a job offer here in ontario. Our papers are completely filled out , just waiting on some of the supporting documents to come back from usa agencies then its medical time. So can he come on a work visa, and still file the outside of Canada sponsorship ? from what ive been told from an CIC officer, the outside app is much quicker than within Canada.

Also , can you have a medical completed in Canada and submit it with an outside of canada package ?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Its great to see someone experienced giving free advice to those of who can't seem to do things the easy way !! haha

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