US Citizen - Grandfather was born in Canada

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US Citizen - Grandfather was born in Canada

Post by canycuk »

Hi everyone - hopefully a simple question here: my grandfather was born in Windsor, ON and was a dual citizen of Canada and the United States. My mother was born just over the border in Detroit and never acquired Canadian citizenship.

Is my mother eligible to claim citizenship in Canada? If so, what would the process look like? As an extension of that question, if she becomes a citizen, would I have a claim as well?

Thanks in advance for any insight or pointers here.
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Re: US Citizen - Grandfather was born in Canada

Post by nelsona »

If she was born after a certain date in 1973, she is a Cdn citizen, by birth abroad to a CDn citizen. Unfortunately for you, that citizenship would not be transmissible to you. ... tizen.html
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