UK family wanting to emigrate

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UK family wanting to emigrate

Post by Jake » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:21 am

Hope someone can help me with this. I want to do a Masters degree in Canada (2-3 years) and wish to emigrate with my wife and 2 children in order to do this. We are UK residents and intend to sell our house in England to buy a house in Canada and fund my degree course. I intend to stay in Canada to work after my degree. I know I need a study visa to do this, but what else do I need to do to bring my family over with me?

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Post by nitman » Wed Nov 01, 2006 6:07 pm

To study in Canada you need to get a Study permit. (You knew that.)
If your spouse and children accompany you, you must apply for their immigration documents at the same time. If your child/children will be attending school, apply for a Study Permit for them. A letter of admission from the school is not required. If your spouse intends to work in Canada, you may apply for a Work Permit for him/her at the same time.
When all the required documents have been processed, Canadian High Commission will issue a Temporary Resident Visa (if required) and a Study Permit or Letter of Introduction.

As regards PR, I guess you will have to be in Canada at least one year before you can start the PR process. Actually can some one please answer / confirm this? I'd like to know if a student can start a PR process within Canada, and what are the pre-requisites for it.

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