Proving a genuine relationship.

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Proving a genuine relationship.

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I’m a Canadian citizen that has been living/traveling in Peru for 6 months. My Peruvian boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months, living together for 4 months and are getting married in 2 weeks.
We will be submitting the Permanent Residency application forms ASAP as I need to return to Canada in December for a job offer. As we’ve only been together a short while our primary concern is proving that our relationship is genuine. We’ve traveled to several countries in S.America together which we can prove with our passports. We also have many pictures. However, the wedding ceremony will be a civil ceremony in the municipality office with 2 witnesses and we will not have a reception. We want to wait until we are in Canada and are able to save money to have a proper wedding with all our family and friends. How will this affect our application? I know that common law couples are asked to submit letters from family/friends declaring that their relationship is genuine. Will this help us or is our marriage certificate sufficient?
A huge thank you!
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Please don't assume that your marriage certificate is sufficient. You have some positive indicators of a genuine relationship from the information you have provided thus far, and also some negative indicators, as you seem to know. This is an improtant application and it is appropriate to do whatever you honestly can to substantiate that yours is a real relationship.
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