Living and working in Canada

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Living and working in Canada

Post by Blondbunny » Sun Jun 25, 2006 3:56 am

I am estonian citizen and my fiance is canadian citizen and we wanna get married in Canada as soon as possible and we want to stay there. I have also a 5 years old son who would come with me. My sons father (he is my exhusband) and me visited notar and i got document with what he allows me to take our son with me to live in Canada. So far i have been mostly homemom and i have worked very little officially here. My fiance will be spronsoring me. We have met so far only through internet for 6 months, haven't lived together but we are very committed. He could come here without visa but we could be in trouble financially after getting back to Canada and that is why it would be a lot easier for us if i just could go there , but i need visa for that. What kind of application i should fill for myself and for my son? Visitors visa duel itend to stay----would that work for me and my son? What should i know about it more? If i start applying temporary residence or permanent residence it would take a lot of time and we are very unhappy that we can't be together right now already. Other reason is that i want my son to have a chance before school begins to get on track there. He needs language studys before going to school. Do i need for him student visa? My fiance has a good job and later i would like to start working there too, do i need to apply permit for working when i have got already temporary or permanent residence. Would it be more smart for me to apply this visitors visa due itend to stay, then when i get there then getting married with my fiance and then starting to apply permanent residence? Can i do it that in Canada so that i would not have to leave for applying? How could i prove that i don't have anything keeping me in Estonia and how to prove that i would leave Canada if needed? I don't have good relations with my family here and no friends basicly, i don't have any propertys here or work either, my sons father is not very ineterested in our son as well, his not taking part of his life basicly, only pays alimonys monthly. My fiace would spronsor me, he has been working officially now a bit under six months. Could other member of his family help sponsoring? How if yes? i have already 2 invitation letters, one is from my fiance and one from his sister and his family. I am very very thankful for any infomation and advice You can give me.

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Post by nitman » Wed Nov 01, 2006 3:27 pm

Well, you first need to decide whether you want to come to Canada to visit your fiancé or come here as Permanent Resident. If you just want to visit, then you will have to prove to Canadian Consulate that you still have ties to your home country and you will return back.
If you want to come as a PR then you will have to get married and your husband will have to sponsor you and your son. You have to prove that your relationship is genuine. It seems like it may take a lot of convincing because of the nature of your relationship. As regards your son, once your PR process start, you can simply add him to the application. Anyhow, the whole process does take a very long time, so you need to be patient.
I would suggest that you seek services of a legal immigration lawyer, they can better help you. Maybe Ron can give some valuable input too.

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