Job Inquiry and best option for UK boyfriend...

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Job Inquiry and best option for UK boyfriend...

Post by mmullin1980 » Sun Jun 11, 2006 7:17 pm

Hello, I am a canadian citizen who has a boyfriend in the UK. He has his masters and education in IT and has been working for the government for the past 2 years. He really wants to come to Canada to work and be with me and I want to know what his prospects are in finding IT work in British Columbia? particularly software development or programming? If anyone can answer the following I would be greatful, as it would take alot of worries away.

Also, Ive been hearing that the quickest option is to marry the person then sponsor them to come over, as I will be a nurse soon, would it just be easier for me to go to the UK and become a nurse than it would be to have my boyfriend come here to work? :)

Thankyou. M.Mullin

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