Bringing Stuff Back

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Bringing Stuff Back

Post by bigcityblue » Thu Apr 20, 2006 4:53 am

When bringing a US car into Canada, is there any difference in how things work if you are Canadian or American? I'm Canadian, my wife is American.

Same question for household goods. Its my understanding that many household items such as furniture are not even subject to duty or tax, correct? I'm just a bit confused because I've heard that Canadians get a $10000 duty exemption. This would mean $10000 of non-household items, correct? And so Americans do not get any exemption then?


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Post by nelsona » Thu Apr 20, 2006 8:45 am

There is no distinction based on citizenship.

However, there is a slight difference whther you a re a new Cdn resident (a "settler") or a foremer Cdn resident now returning.

Settlers have NO LIMIT on what they can bring back duty-free, as long as iot is for personal use.

Returning residents have a $10,000 per item exemption.

There are also time factor differences between settlers and returning residents, involving how long you were gone, how long you've owned the goods, and how long you wait before selling them.

So, if you are bringing back and expensive personal use item, it should be in your wife's name.

See the CBSA website for information on settlers and returning residents. You need forms.
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