How can i get my mother in?

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How can i get my mother in?

Post by lavmond »

I am thinking immigration to Canada from the UK with my girlfriend within the next 4 years. But i do not want to leave my mother behind.

Is there a way of getting her onto my application? if not how can i get her in?

Alsoi I have a degree in IT and have been working in that field for 5 years. However i am thinking or retraining over the next 4 years b4 i leave and doing a trade or two...Joinery and plastering. Would you recomend these trades/occupations? I have read loads of gumpf about job prospects but word of mouth is always better.
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Post by nitman »

Parents and siblings (22 or younger) can be sponsored once you have become permanent resident in Canada. You may not include anyone in your application other than your spouse and children.

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