Sponsoring a spouse

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Sponsoring a spouse

Post by undutchable » Wed Mar 01, 2006 10:22 pm

Hi Ron and anyone else who may be able to help,
I am Canadian and am planning to return to live in Canada with my husband of 4 years now and he is of Netherlands nationality. We currently reside in Aruba. I was unsure of how to bring him in with all this talk of skilled workers as he is a Civil Engineer with many years of experience. I've decided that the best way is for me to sponsor him. Do you agree? The second part of my question is this: They ask a specific date we will return to Canada, but we currently don't have that date as we'd like to wait and make sure he is accepted (and is able to work as well). I have my 3 Canadian children (from previous spouse) with me and they will be returning as well since my two boys 19 and 16 are in need of university and college now. (other child is 11). I have no worries about work, even if we currently don't have prospects. My question has to do with the finances though. I've seen that it may or may not be necessary for me to prove my funds available to support him. As my husband will obviously work, will I need to provide this. The reason for my concern is, while we live with a comfortable income here in Aruba, with flight tickets, the cost of moving our furniture, cars, college tuitions for the two boys, etc, and the sale of our house here basically covering the mortgage owing, we will, for the most part, delete our funds. If necessary, I can access some cash, but how much do they expect me to have in my accounts. I'm a little confused because on most paperwork I've seen, they go by a family of 5 in my case I think, but the two boys will be working as well. Please help.

Ron Liberman
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Post by Ron Liberman » Fri Mar 03, 2006 7:07 pm

Yes, I think that a sponsorship application is best as it will be the fastest route.

In your case, you do not have to show any specific amount of funds in order to sponsor him

It is correct that you have to show that you intend to live together in Canada when the application is approved. Given that you need to have definite plans, it would be reasonable to expect you to have a specific date in mind. I seem to recall you contacted me over a year ago about this? Perhaps it is time to progress your plans ....

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