CDN to Marry Polish

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CDN to Marry Polish

Post by insert username » Tue Feb 28, 2006 11:19 pm

Hello all. I am really impressed with the amount of information available on this website. I have done plenty of reading and will try not to ask duplicate question Thanks to all for your input.

ok...on with my background and questions

I met this nice Polish girl in December online. We IM'ed or emailed eachother and talked on Skype just about everyday since New Years. We have grown really close. She was going to come to Vancouver to study ESL, live with me then get married and apply for PR. She went to the CDN Embassy in Warsaw and was declined a Study Visa even tho she had everything in order. The reason being was that she wasn't working in Poland and the officer thought she was not going to return. Her family does well with a business and she does not need to work. She lost close to $500 CAD on fees, cancellation for classes, travel etc....

Now that she is not coming anytime soon, I will be going to Poland in the next few months and get married to her there. After, we will submit all the papers to appropriate agencies. Then she will try to make it here again and we can live together.

I know that we will need to prove our relationship/love is genuine, so we have saved all correspondence/calling cards, mailed items.

Do you think that she will have another difficult time after we get married?

Has anyone had any experiences with the Polish agencies?

How much does the CIC go thru my background and what should i be aware of?

Is my financial/employment status of the moment going to be an issue? I am low on funds and in between jobs, with some job prospects a few weeks away. Just waiting to hear back from interviews.

What are some of the biggest hurdles I/we will need to jump over?

Thanx for all of your input :)

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