Canadian in the US - downsides of applying for GC?

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Canadian in the US - downsides of applying for GC?

Post by sedona »

I am on a work visa in the US and will most likely stay here in the US for at 3-5+ years due to my work.

Now I am not 100% sure if I would like to stay here with a GC instead of a work visa. I know it is not easy to get the GC itself. However, I don't want to apply for GC (via my employer) without understanding possible issues of having a GC and later one decide to move back to Canada or elsewhere.

What are the negative side effects of applying for GC and later leave the US and move to Canada ?

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Post by nelsona »

Getting a GC implies staying in US. Once you leave GC, you will likely lose it within 2 years.

While you have a GC, you must file US taxes every year, which can be burdensome (not for the taxes but for the extra complex reporting you need to do for non-US accounts and investments.) For this reason, many choose to give back their GCs just after leaving US.

If you are happy on your temp visa, and you are do not have a spouse who would benefit from getting a GC through you to work in US, then don't bother. If your employer offers it however, I would not refuse it, since it is a sign that they want to keep you, and invest in you, and your refusal would indicate that you wouldn't be staying. It does however generally require a commitment from you to stsy with that firm until after you get your GC, or abandon the process.

A lot can change in 3-5 years. It would be a lot easier to find your next US job at that time if you had a GC.
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