Tax Resident or not?

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Tax Resident or not?

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First, I want to appreciate what your firm has done here. It has provided people like us privileged and accurate information and guidance which is priceless through this forum. Thank you very much, Mark and Stephen and your team.

My wife is on visit visa and both children (15 and 9) are on study visa(specialized Learning Disability school) in Ontario, Canada. That's what the premise of the visa. We applied and received a 4-year visa (wife will stay with kids as primary caretaker) I fly in every month and stay for week to 10 days with my family. Wife and children entered 9/2014 school year and have been there since. They've traveled back to U.S during Summer of each school year. This school year will be 3rd year.

We are renting a house, do not own any property in Canada, do not work or earn in Canada, do not own a Canadian drivers license or any other financial commitments from Canadian companies, Do own a bank account which has US/CAD account in one with a credit card. All income earned is in USA and money is transferred to CAD bank for taking care of expenses. All utilities are in landlords name.

1. Are we considered tax residents of Canada?
1a. How does being tax residents change the situation when applying for PR in Canada through Intra company transfer?
2. Do we need to file any tax return (showing expenses only in CAD, info only) 2014/2015?
3. Do I need to show my US (foreign bank and assets) to Canada?
4. Are there any taxes that are I will own on my U.S earned income? Is there an amount limitation which is subject to CAD taxes?

Thank you.
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Post by nelsona »

This is a tax question, please post on the tax forum
nelsona non grata. Non pro. Please Search previous posts, no situation is unique as you might think. Happy Browsing :D
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