Help in listing out properties for T1243

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Help in listing out properties for T1243

Post by rhe707 »

Hi, I'm filling t1243 form, and need confirmation of what kinds of properties I need to report -

1. Unsold shares/stocks (ESPP through my US employer back when I was working in Canada)
2. Crypto (Wealthsimple) ?
3. Stocks - various (Wealthsimple)
4. non-reg plan ETFs (Wealthsimple) ?
5. non-reg mutual funds (Questrade)
6. RESSOP EPSP (employee profit sharing plan - common shares) ?
7. RESSOP ESP (employee savings plan - Mutual fund) ?

Also, how to calculate the ACB (adjusted cost basis) of these properties? (I left Canada in Feb 2022).
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Re: Help in listing out properties for T1243

Post by nelsona »

Yes, to all
You need to find the values from financial websites, or from the individual firms involved.
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