OAS benefit for Canadian Citizen living in the US

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OAS benefit for Canadian Citizen living in the US

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My spouse lived in Canada for 6 years before we moved to the US. She's a dual US/Canada citizen, worked in the US for more than 20 years and has enough credits to qualify for social security. I am trying to understand how she would qualify for reduced OAS benefit per the US/Canada totalization agreement.

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Re: OAS benefit for Canadian Citizen living in the US

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Service canada will credit her with the 20 year of SS contribution towards QUALIFYING for OAS payments for the rest of her life . The time in US will not count towards the AMOUNT of OAS she gets, however. She will only get XX/40ths of the maximum, based on how many adult years she lived in Canada.

From what you say, she lived as an adult 6 years in Canada, so should get 6/40ths of the maximum.
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